About Tips & Rules of Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is the first nocturnal wildlife safari park in the world where you get to witness over 2,500 creatures from over 130 species. The park, which is spread out over 35 hectares of forest, supports biodiversity. If you're travelling with your family, you really must plan your visit to the night safari off your bucket list. It offers kids a one-of-a-kind opportunity to observe nocturnal wildlife. Taking a tram ride with a guided tour as per the Singapore Night Safari Tips to enjoy the most popular way to visit the park. The park has loads of attractions for visitors to explore in the night safari tour with some of the best tips you will get to know about what to carry and what not. You will also come to know about how you should behave with the animals in the park so that you don’t intimidate them at all. You should always make sure to follow the rule and regulations of Singapore Night Safari so that you can encounter any kind of risky occurrence. Always follow the instructions provided by the tour guides so that you don’t have to face any adverse situation.

How to Reach at Singapore Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari is located on the Mandai Lake Road and is reachable both by taxi and public transportation. Take the Red line to the closest stations, Choa Chu Kang (NS4), Ang Mo Kio (NS16), Marsiling (NS8), and Woodlands, if you prefer the MRT (NS9). You can take connecting buses to the park from any of these stops.

Tips for the Singapore Night Safari

Before leaving on a night safari, one should conduct a self-check to make sure they have everything they need. With these helpful tips to visit Singapore Night Safari, you can make the most of your trip to Night Safari, from organising your day to choosing what to dress and pack!

Tips for the Singapore Night Safari
  • To avoid any form of difficulty like waiting in long queues, purchase tickets online in advance.
  • Buy the ticket + tram variant as per the best Singapore Night Safari Tips and you may take part in a 40-minute adventure with a guide who will show you where the nocturnal animals live and point it out to you.
  • Singapore Night Safari experiences high attendance. You should avoid visiting Singapore Night Safari if you can't stand crowds, standing in lines, or waiting.
  • As per the tips to visit Singapore Night Safari, arrive early to prevent unnecessary annoyances.
  • Be sure to eat something before embarking on a safari. There are many restaurants located all around the park and they are open prior to the park's opening, so that you can fill your stomach with whatever you want to eat before the journey.
  • When walking in the rain as per the tips to visit Singapore Night Safari, it is imperative that you wear comfortable walking shoes. The park is dark, parts of the trails are uneven, and open-toed shoes or flip flops are not advised since you risk falling or slipping and hurting yourself.
  • Have bug repellant close at hand. Apply insect repellent to any exposed skin before entering the park to keep mosquitoes away. There will undoubtedly be bugs there because the area is a wildlife reserve with many trees.
  • Particularly when taking children to the park, you should bring food and beverages with you.
  • Maintain your fluid intake. Make sure you have enough water. Because there won't be any vending machines to quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger once you're in the wild.
  • In the night safari, it may rain at any time, so it is wise to have a poncho with you as per the Singapore Night Safari Tips.
  • Avoid attempting to wander through the restricted regions. It is completely forbidden and extremely dangerous.
  • Animals in the wild reside in the park. Respect the wilderness, endangered species, and animals.
  • Don't put on any kind of flashy jewellery as it could divert animals.
  • Keep your phone on aeroplane or silent mode.
  • Leave during the Thumbuakar Fire display.
  • The park is a no-smoking area. There are designated smoking areas outside the park's entrance if you smoke.
  • Observe the park's rules. Do not attempt to contradict or violate any.

Rules for Night Safari Singapore

Rules for Night Safari Singapore
  • According to park rule and regulations of Singapore Night Safari, entering restricted areas is risky and not permitted.
  • Animal feeding and taunting are not permitted.
  • Footage cannot be used for commercial purposes. For the same, prior approval from the park is required.
  • The personnel at the park may photograph or record visitors. The shot may be used with permission if you enter the park.
  • Smoking is not permitted on park property as per the Singapore Night Safari Rules. Outside the park, there is a designated smoking area.
  • It's not allowed to use flash photography as per the rule and regulations of Singapore Night Safari.
  • Pets are not permitted on the park's grounds as per the Singapore Night Safari Rules.
  • Tricycles, pull trolleys, inline skates, rollerblades, and skateboard scooters are not permitted in the park.

Know Before You Go Singapore Night Safari

Best Time to Visit
How to Reach and Location
Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit Singapore Night Safari would be in the later night hours as per the rule and regulations of Singapore Night Safari when the animals would be resting in the habitat and you will get to enjoy the best views.

Opening hours and location

Timings: 6:30 PM to 12 AM (Everyday)

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

FAQ's of Night Safari Singapore

Which are the animals we can spot during night safari in Singapore?

    There are various animals and zones at Singapore Night Safari:

    Leopard:As you go along the Leopard Trail, you may observe how leopards, lions, civets, and porcupines go about their daily lives. Additionally, this route leads you through two breathtaking walk-through displays where you can get up close and personal with flying foxes and flying squirrels.

    Fishing Cat:This route includes expert hunters like the fisher cat as well as specialised "oddballs" like the huge anteater, pangolin, and armadillo, simulating a walk through the wild.

    Nocturnal Creatures:Be astounded by the natural talents displayed by otters, binturongs, civets, and other creatures in this interactive performance. Discover more about the spotted hyena's strong jaws while watching an African serval exhibit its amazing capacity to leap for prey.

    Malayan Tiger:You will reach the intersection of Africa and Asia via this unique trail, where creatures from the savannah and the tropics coexist. This trail connects the Wallaby Trail to the Leopard Trail and is reachable from the East Lodge Tram Station. Red river hogs and Sulawesi's babirusa can be found living side by side along the trail. Right near the servals, spotted hyaenas, bongos, and Malayan tigers can be observed.

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