Animals & Zones of Singapore Night safari

About Zones at Singapore Night Safari

There are plethora zones of Singapore Night Safari including immensely cute animals from the native regions of America, Africa and Australia. As you enter the East Lodge trail, you will meet with the fantastic species of Malayan tigers. Observe the nocturnal activities of other inspiring creatures like red river hogs, babirusa or sulawesi, making it one of the most distinct animals and zones in Singapore Night Safari.
Next on, the fishing cat trail has a varied number of members from the cat family. Some of the most fascinating creatures are the fish cats, which have splendid and active nightlife and are defined by their iridescent leopard print coats. Discover other species like common palm civets in your trail and capture heart-winning pictures. The leopard trail is another splendid and one of the most visited animals and zones in Singapore Night Safari. The trail has leopards, tigers and lions gleaming in their enclosures. Have a splendid edutainment trip learning about these miraculous creatures. Animals and zones in Singapore Night Safari include a wallaby trail highlighting the beautiful species of Australian animals like kangaroos and koalas.

East Lodge Trail

This attraction is one of the most splendid zones of Singapore Night Safari. Housing the best of Asian and African wildlife, you are sure to have a fantastic and edutainment walk in expedition. The trail begins from the Lodge trail station and connects to Wallaby trail. There are a myriad of distinctions that you will spot here, some of them are red river hogs, babirusa or sulawesi. One of the most popular animals in this trail is the rare Malayan tiger. Observe its impressive night time activities and learn more about the other extravagant nocturnal animals too. Animal Spotted: Aardvark, Sloth Bear, Spotted Hyena, Babirusa, Bongo, Malayan Tiger

Fishing Cat Trail

The fishing cat trail houses extremely quirky species of the cat family and their active nocturnal activities and distinct behaviour is not something you would like to miss out on. The fish cat trail consists of the splendid fish acts, which are identified with their stocky legs and skilful hunting skills. These feline members have a distinct leopard coat that makes it absolutely beautiful to observe. Other exclusive animals at this zone include the pangolins which are studded with scales to help them defend themselves against the predator. The cat trail has common palm civets and other arboreal creatures too.
Animal Spotted: Barking Deer, Binturong, Fishing Cat, Great Cormorant, Himalayan Tahr, Indian Gharial, Malayan Flying Fox, Southern Three-Banded Armadillo, Pelican, Slow Loris

Leopard Trail

This is one of the most sought after zones of Singapore Night safari. The Leopard trails consist of civets, leeds, lions and tigers, and other extravagantly beautiful predator animals. Observe the splendid nocturnal activities of these beautiful creatures in your walk on excursion. The gir lion is one of the most exquisite animals. Observe the outstanding members of the cat family and immerse yourself in their vivid night time activities. Another one of the most exquisite animal species is the flying foxes. These fruit eating bats have ethereal beauty. Observe them as they hop from one tree top to another in their powerful flights.

Animal Spotted: Flying Fox, Gir Lions, Leopards, Hog Badger, Eagle Owl, Fruit Bat, Porcupine, Clouded Leopard, Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel, and many more.

Wallaby Trail

The Wallaby trail is another exclusive walk in attraction that you will discover in your Singapore night safari. At this very trail, you will find extremely cute species of marsupials, sugar gliders and brush tailed possums. The trail has the best of marsupial animals from the native regions of Australia and New Zealand. From kangaroos to koalas, there are splendid animals in this zone that will win your heart with their beauty. Tourists will get a chance to walk through the Naracoorte Cave which is one of the very first human made caves, adorned with real lime and stalactite formations.Animal Spotted: Possum, Sugar Glider, Wallaby, Barn Owl

Animals at Singapore Night Safari

There are a plethora of animals and zones in Singapore Night Safari that will leave you in awe of their beauty. Discover fabulous animals in five different walk-in trails like east lodge trail, fishing cat trail, leopard trail and wallaby trail. All of these trials have exclusive7 animal ranges which are rare and have extremely vivid nocturnal activities that you will witness.Watch the African lion, resting in its enclosures in its full glory. Get a chance to feed the humongous Asiatic elephant and watch their splendid nocturnal activities. In your night safari you will also come across Clouded leopards which can be identified with their distinct printed coats. The leopards have splendid night time activities running around in its enclosures that you cannot miss out on. The fishing cat is a splendid medium size cat with a vivid leopard print coat. They are one of the most endangered animal species and are known for their quirky lifestyle and feline activities. Get a chance to observe the majestic Malayain tiger, one of the most endangered animals around the world. Learn about their fabulous lifestyle and immerse in the beauty of their night time activities. You will find other extravagant animals like Aardvark and flying foxes too.


This is one of the only animals that belong to the prehistoric era, and is one of the most splendid animals at Singapore Night Safari and is identified with its rodent-like behaviours, long snout and quirky quick activities. The snout is used to sniff food and prey. These species of animals belong to the native regions of Africa.

Asian Elephant

The majestic Asian elephant is another one of the most extraordinary animals at Singapore Night Safari. The Asian elephants are beautiful and awe-inspiring nocturnal creatures that you will find out about in your tour. The safari also includes elephant feeding programs that you can indulge in. Get an amazing chance to get more closer with the largest mammals on the land and learn more about them.

Asian Lion

The king of the jungle, the Asian lion is another fascinating animal at Singapore Night Safari. This predator has splendid nocturnal activities, when it hunts for its prey, as during daytime, the animal usually relaxes in its enclosures. Discover the wildest and most fearful predator on land, and learn more about the extravagant lifestyles and behaviours.

Clouded Leopard

The clouded leopard belonging to the cat family, is identified with its peculiar pattern on the skin. Its mysterious behaviour makes it one of the most beautiful and intriguing animals to observe. The leopard has an active nightlife, running around in its enclosures and impressing the observers.

Common Palm Civet

Majorly found in dense forest areas, the palm civet is found in abundance in most climatic conditions. The civets belong to the cat family, and have vivid black fur and calm activities that makes it one of the most amusing nocturnal animals. Watch its calm composure and learn splendid revelations about its eating habits during your night safari.

Fishing Cat

The fishing cat is a splendid medium size cat with a vivid leopard print coat on skin. They are one of the most endangered animal species. This feline member has stocky legs and skillful hunting skills. They are majorly found in South East Asia and their beauty is something you should not miss out on. This definitely makes up for one of the most ancient nocturnal animals.

Malayan Tapir

There are about 4 tapirs around the world, and the Malayan tapir makes up for one of the kind. These distinct animals are listed in the endangered list and are recognised with their long pig-like suits used to hunt for prey. It is one of the most rare species and is extremely shy by nature.

Malayan Flying Fox

The Malayan flying fox is one of the most amusing animals that you will discover in your night safari. This fruit eating bat, hops from treetops to tree tops, and is the only bat species to do so. The animals have active nocturnal lives, and are found in abundance in South East Asia.

Malayan Tiger

One of the most feared predators, the Malayan tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the list. Its black stripes and distinct stripes coat, makes it one of the most exquisite animals at the safari. Their skillful hunting activities and extremely active nocturnal behaviour is a fantastic sight to see in your night safari .

Nile Hippo

Observe the bulky Nile hippo usually found in semi-aquatic nature like swamps of muddy areas. They are found exclusively in the Nile river and go upto a height of 10 feet and weigh about 3000 pounds. They usually have a very slow and calm lifestyle and have intriguing night time activities as well.


Identified with their sharp scales all over their bodies and tail, the pangolins are extremely active night predators. These animals belong exclusively to the natives of Africa. They roll upto into a ball and cover themselves with scales when attacked by predators. They usually feed on ants and termites. Currently they are one of the endangered and rare species.

Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel

A peculiar species of rodents, the red and white flying squirrel is a rare species found exclusively in hilly areas of SouthEast Asia. These squirrels are defined with reddish brown fur and large eyes. Observe their beautiful and cute nocturnal activities whilst feeding on nuts and food.

Sloth bear

Sloth bears which are specifically known for their sleeping habits and are one of the most endangered species. They feed on nuts and fruits and do not hibernate. They are identified with their furry black coats and grow upto a size of 6 feet. These Bears are extremely calm by nature and have active nocturnal activities that you can observe.

Slow Loris

Slow loris are exclusive species of nocturnal strepsirrhine primates that have distinct brown furry coats and big eyes. These are found in abundance in dense forests and are very shy by nature. These nocturnal creatures have calm activity and feed on their diet with slow precise movements which is extremely fun to watch in your safari.

Small-Clawed Otter

Found in abundance in the SouthEast Asian countries, the small clawed otters are extremely beautiful creatures that live in wetlands. These otters feed on small fishes and other aquatic animals. Their quirky lifestyle is one of the most exquisite activities to watch in your night safari.

Southern Three-Banded Armadillo

Found exclusively in the parts of South America and Brazil, the armadillo is one of the most extravagant nocturnal animals you will discover in your night-time safari. Their diet includes ants and ripe fruits. They are studded with scales all over three bodies which are used to protect them from being attacked by predators.

Spotted Hyena

Hyenas are one of the most feared scanners which are extremely active during night time. The hyenas have shrill laughter which are extremely distinct. They are known for being one of the most successful and smartest animals due to its easy adaptation nature.

White African Lion

With a distinct white coat, the white African lion is a fabulous animal you will find in the safari. This predator has splendid nocturnal activities,when it hunts for its prey. During daytime, the animal usually relaxes in its enclosures. Discover the wildest and most fearful predator on land, and learn more about the extravagant lifestyles and behaviours.

FAQ's of Singapore Night Safari

What is the best time to visit Singapore Night Safari?

The best time to enjoy Singapore night safari is during the mid week days. The safari remains less crowded during this time allowing one to explore all the fabulous ranges of walk in trails and attractions.

How to reach Singapore Night Safari?

  • By Car: Take the route via Upper Thomson Road, it will take you approximately 23 minutes from the city centre to reach the location.
  • By Train: Alight at the Singapore zoo, and a 2-minute walk from there will take you to Night Safari.

Which is the best zone to explore in night safari Singapore?

The leopard trail is one of the best zones of Singapore Night Safari. The trail consists of the cat family members like leopards, distinct Malayan tigers and lions. The trail will provide you the perfect edutainment trip wherein you will learn about the lifestyle of these feline creatures and marvel at their unparalleled beauty. You require at least 2-3 hours to fully explore all the trails which are wallaby trail, leopard trail and the east lodge trails. With over 100 distinct nocturnal animals, the Singapore night safari is the most distinct and easy to connect with mother nature around us.

Which are the animals we can spot during night safari in Singapore?

  1. Malayan tigers.
  2. Asian elephants
  3. Pangolins
  4. Sloth Bears
  5. Leopard
  6. Fish cats
  7. Nile Hippo
  8. Civets
  9. Flying fox
  10. Clouded leopard
  11. Red and white giant flying squirrel
  12. Sloth bear
  13. Slow loris
  14. Small-clawed otter
  15. Southern three-banded armadillo
  16. Spotted hyena
  17. White African lion

Where is the night safari Singapore located?

The location of the night safari is: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Why is Singapore night safari so famous?

The Singapore night safari is one of the finest attractions wherein you will get to witness the wild animals in scientific enclosures which is a lot different than a zoo. You will have a closer experience with them and get to learn a lot about the wildlife surrounding us. This is a great way to feel more closely related to the mother nature around us. Some of the most amazing part of this safari is the walking trails which are catfish trails, leopard trails and the marsupial trails with animals from asia and australia.

What are the facilities there to excess at night safari singapore ?

  1. Nursing stations.
  2. Dapper changing rooms.
  3. ATM services.
  4. Wheelchair.
  5. Electric scooter.
  6. First Aid
  7. Free wifi
  8. Lost and found services.
  9. AEDs on entrance

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