About Singapore Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari is a great way to admire the majestic wildlife and beautiful mother nature around us. The safari brings you rare and extrinsic animal species in a beautiful and natural science enclosure, which gives you a chance to experience and observe the animals from up close unlike the usual zoo safaris.The safari has a fabulous range of walking trails that you can explore. Some of the most awe-inspiring trails are the leopard trails where you will get a chance to come across the majestic Asiatic elephant and the splendid Gir lions as well. Observe the cat fishes and pangolins in the catfish trails and get a chance to explore the marsupial trail with species from the Australian African countries.The safari also offers a wide range of activities like rhino feeding programs in the lodge tram trails. Interact with the asiatic elephant and also feed them in your expedition. One of the most incredible activities is the creature of the night show where you will get a lovely chance to watch majestic hynas and observe their powerful jaws move. Get all prepared and head towards the most famous Singapore Night Safari. Here is all you need to know to plan an exciting visit to the Night Safari. The safari offers incredible dining options so you can feast on incredible delicacies at various outlets inside the park such as the Ulu Ulu restaurant.

Why You Should Go to Singapore Night Safari?

  1. One of the most amazing and convenient ways to appreciate the wildlife around us is to go on a night safari in Singapore.
  2. Get the chance to engage with nocturnal animals in a setting that is scientifically distinct from typical zoos. This focuses on some of the rarest and most beautiful night animals, including elephants and Indian rhinos.
  3. Explore many hiking routes, such as the leopard path and the east lodge trail, where you may glimpse the majestic rhinos. You will have the opportunity to see magnificent leopards, amazing Gir lions, and Malaysian tigers as well.
  4. Participate in the animal performance and observe the animals as they showcase their skills.
  5. You can explore the incredible eating alternatives available during the safari. Enjoy delicious meals at the Ulu Ulu restaurant and New Zealand ice cream shop while admiring the stunning views of the lush fauna around you.
  6. You can participate in lion feeding programmes and night photography, both of which are considered the most popular activities of the safari.

Activities to Do in Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari offers a vast variety of activities which can be enjoyed by all visitors. Get close with nature as you explore the Wildlife tour, where you get to learn about different animals like elephants and rhinos, which makes it one of the most interactive activities of the safari. For a deeper understanding of the habitats of these wild creatures, get yourself a session of Keeper’s talk, where experts help you understand the daily routine and emotions of these animals. Relish a delicious meal surrounded by the lush green habitats of wild cats at Ulu Ulu restaurant or end your tour with a flavorful New Zealand ice-cream.

Wildlife Tour
Wildlife Tour

The wildlife tours are one of the fanciest activities that you can indulge in here. These tours are a great way to admire the nocturnal habits of the wildlife like majestic elephants and Indian rhinos. Lucky tourists also get a chance to feed these gigantic beasts. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of these animals and learn a great deal about mother nature from your own private guide accompanied by a buggy.

Creatures of the Night Show
Creatures of the Night Show

The creature of the night show is a fantastic interactive show wherein you will observe various wild animals. Learn about the clever techniques used by civets and watch as the hyenas showcase their powerful jaws. Don't forget to look for owls, otters and African servals as they impress you with their incredible talent.

Keeper's Talk
Keeper's Talk

The keepers talk is the best way to learn about the incredible revelations about the various nocturnal animals that you will meet throughout your trip. It is a very interactive session where the guide will help you get immersed in the gracious wildlife surrounding you. Learn about the Asiatic elephants and indulge in the nightly routines of marsupials, gir lions and majestic and Indian rhinos as well.

Unique Dining Experience
Unique Dining Experience

You may look forward to an absolutely special and lovely dining experience in the bush with the Singapore night safari. Visit the 300-seat Ulu Ulu restaurant and place your order for delectable Singaporean fare. Enjoy your meal while gazing out at the Singapore jungle in the distance. Next, board the New Zealand ice cream truck and treat yourself to mouthwatering types of ice cream that you have never experienced before.

Night Photography E-Guide
Night Photography E-Guide

If you are impressed with the beautiful wildlife surrounding you and want to capture these cute animals in your camera, then have a splendid chat with 4 photographers from Sony. These experienced photographs will give you loads of helpful tips and tricks to capture the best social media worthy night time shot. You can also access the e-guide to enjoy a more thorough demonstration of the camera.

Indian Rhino Feeding at East Lodge Trail
Indian Rhino Feeding at East Lodge Trail

The east lodge trail is where the majestic and extremely rare Indian rhinos reside. As you walk through this trail, get an incredible chance to feed these beautiful beasts with your own hands. The food portion starts at 14.00 Singapore Dollar and is a great experience as well.

Zones at Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is categorized into four different zones, offering unique experiences as you visit them one by one. Witness the adorable Asian and African animals as you explore the East Lodge trail. Many travelers get to witness the Malaysian tigers if they get lucky or observe the hyenas. Get to know more about the beautiful fish cats as you enter the Fishing Cat trail. Add some thrill in your tour as you walk through the Leopard trail and witness these active and fast wild cats surrounded by their natural habitat.

East Lodge Trail
East Lodge Trail

Considered as the perfect crossover of African and Asian animals, the east lodge trail is an ethereal zone that will give you insights into the best of Singaporean wildlife. This trail begins from the Lodge Tram station and it connects the Leopard trail to the Wallaby trail. Some of the most exquisite animal species that you will find here are red river hogs, babirusa or sulawesi gathered in their populations. Lucky tourists might also get a chance to spot the majestic Malaysian tiger population. While on the trail, observe the hyenas and their loud grill bark as well the beautiful looking bongos.

Fishing Cat Trail
Fishing Cat Trail

The fishing cat trail brings you across immensely cute and beautiful fish cats. These furry animals might look innocent however their fun and active nature will definitely impress you. These fish cats remain hidden in their tree spots and the moment tourists come, they spring up from their hiding spots to scare you. The fishing cat trail also consists of the very delicate and yet pristine looking pangolins. The Singapore zoo has done their best to protect this species from the urbanic trafficking. Discover other species like common palm civets in your trail and capture heart-winning pictures.

Leopard Trail
Leopard Trail

The leopard trail is one of the finest trails in the zone. The trail will take you on a hair-rising journey through the dense forests wherein you will come across midnight kings like leopards, lions and civets. Immerse in the beauty of the wild Gir lions, and observe their daily activities. Another one of the most splendid species that you will find here are the flying foxes. These fruit eating bats are cute to observe as they hop from one tree top to another with their powerful flights.

Wallaby Trail
Wallaby Trail

The wallaby trail brings you across the majestic species of Wallabies, mainly from Australia and New Zealand. At this very trail, you will find extremely cute species of marsupials, sugar gliders and brush tailed possums. These furry creatures will win your heart with the night activities and routines. Discover the true beauty and essence of the Wallaby animals and learn about their lifestyle in which they rest throughout the day and become active at night hunting for food. Tourists will get a chance to walk through the Naracoorte Cave which is one of the very first human made caves, adorned with real lime and stalactite formations.

Dining at Singapore Night Safari

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, dining at Singapore Night Safari. You may enjoy some fantastic food alternatives at various restaurants in the Singapore Night Safari. Visit the New Zealand ice cream shop, which is popular for serving heavenly-tasting ice cream flavors. Some of their tourist favorites include Boysenberry Dream, Macadamia Supreme, and Chocolate Ecstasy. The Ulu Ulu safari restaurant is another fantastic location where you can savor mouthwatering Singaporean treats like never before.

New Zealand Natural
New Zealand Natural

Enjoy a wide variety of extremely wonderful ice cream at New Zealand Naturals. Your senses will be calmed and your hunger for sweetness satisfied by this fantastic ice cream shop. The Chocolate Ecstasy, Macadamia Supreme, and Boysenberry Dream are a few of their must-have treats.

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant
Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

Bringing you the best of Singaporean delights, the Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant is another fabulous location that you should head to if you are craving for some filling delights. This night restaurant overlooks the entire Singaporean safari and its wild jungles. Order from their specials and enjoy a fantastic dining session with your loved ones.

Know Before You Go Singapore Night Safari

Plan your visit to Singapore Night Safari and go throught with the essential information.

The Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
Rules and Regulations
The Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit the Singapore Zoo is especially during the weekdays. The safari remains relatively less crowded during this time and will let you explore all of its zones like fish cat trail, east lodge trail, wallaby trail and leopard trail at your own leisure.

Opening hours - 6.30pm - 12am (everyday)

Tips to Visit Singapore Night Safari

  1. The tram ride timings are 7:15 PM, 8:15 PM, 9:15 PM and 10:15 PM and these hours are usually the busiest hours to take the tram services. It is advised to enjoy the walk trails at first like the leopard trail or the catfish trails and once you are done with it then you can hop on the tram services late at night.
  2. The creatures of the night show take place at four different timings, which are, 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM. The early hours are usually packed with tourists and don't offer a good show. If you want to enjoy the show, then visit it at late show timings with a lesser crowd.
  3. The walking trails are some of the least explored parts of the Singapore night safari. These zones have extremely cute and rare species that you can admire, with a lesser crowd around you. There are four trails, east coast lodge trail, fishing cat trail, wallaby trail, leopard trail. You can also enjoy tram services later to explore the trails more closely and quickly.
  4. It is highly advised to carry your own insect repellent.
  5. Wear light clothing to deal with Singapore’s humid climate.

Book Singapore Night Safari Tickets

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  • Explore six distinct geographical zones, including the Himalayan hills and Southeast Asian jungles during your night safari at the park

  • Experience the mesmerizing creatures during the night show watching animals like the majestic lions, agile fishing cats & massive pythons showcase their extraordinary skills

  • Book the Singapore Night Safari tickets and see around 900 animals during your safari showcasing their wild behavior in a serene setting inside the park

  • Take a stroll while meeting smaller animals, then board a tram for having a closer view of elephants, giraffes & hippos

  • Book your Singapore Night Safari tickets which includes hotel transfers and entry to the attraction

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Please adhere to the timings.
  • Please carry valid ID with you at all times.
  • Please do not wear strong scented perfume as animals are sensitive to odor.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals without permission from the staff.
  • Free WiFi is available at the entrance.
  • Wheelchair and child strollers are rentable at activity location.
  • Tram rides and Creatures of the Night Shows remain open with the same operating hours, with guests seated at social distancing measure.
  • Transfers are available throughout Singapore town, excluding the Woodlands and Changi areas.
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FAQ's of Singapore Night Safari

What are the opening hours of Singapore Night Safari?

    The opening hours for Singapore Night Safari are from 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM.

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