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About Singapore Night Safari

Yet again, Singapore has come up with an idea that is completely out of the box and is one of the most famous attractions. People from various parts of the world travel to Singapore only to visit this unique park which is known as the nocturnal wildlife park. The Singapore Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal park which is closed during the day but opened at night. You will find more than 900 animals belonging to more than 100 species in this world. Here, the best part is that the animals are separated from each other by natural barriers and not through cages as seen in zoos. Location of night safari Singapore is in a humid tropical forest in the open, and most of the animals that are declared endangered reside here. You will be amazed to see that every animal has the freedom to move freely and do its own thing without being disturbed by other animals or even humans. You can explore the park by taking the tram ride through the trail among the animals while they are taking a rest or minding their business in their own space at night. It is one of the most unique ways to go on a safari and hence, Singapore Night Safari guarantees you one of the best experiences of your life.

Opening Hours of Night Safari Singapore

The Opening Hours of Singapore Night Safari is every day from 6:30 to 12 am and the last time to ride is at 11:15 pm, so the last entry to the premises is at 11:15 pm. Hence, it is advisable to time your visit accordingly. The Singapore Night Safari timing remains the same all year and is open every day.

Best Time to Visit:

Night Safari is known to be a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore and you are most likely to bump into a lot of people. So, to avoid the crowd, you can visit late at night and enjoy the safari and shows that are later at night, as the first safari and shows remain the most crowded, so check the Singapore night Safari timing and accordingly plan.

Location of Night Safari Singapore

1) Location:the location of Singapore Night Safari is 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

2) How to reach

By Car:By car is one of the ways if you’re wondering how to get Singapore Night Safari. You can take different routes which are Central Expressway and Pan Expressway. If you are taking the Central Expressway, go towards the Seletar Expressway till you reach Mandai Road. From there, take Exit 8A and turn left towards Mandai Lake Road.

By Metro:You can take the North to South Red Line and get to different metro stations like Khatib, Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands, and Marsiling, and from these metro stations you can easily get a bus and get down in front of the entrance of night safari.

By Bus:If you wish to reach the Night Safari by bus, then you can take the Safari Gate bus which will pick you up from your location to the Night Safari. How to get Singapore Night Safari, depends on your pickup point, you can take buses 138 and 927 based on your location to reach the Singapore Night Safari.

Rule to Visit Night Safari Singapore

  • You are not allowed to go into the prohibited areas as it is against the rules of Night Safari.
  • You are not allowed to feed or tease the animals.
  • You can not take photos and videos for commercial purposes, and if you do so, you will require prior permission for it.
  • The photographers and representatives in the park might click your pictures or take videos, it should be noted these pictures might be used by the park, and the moment you enter the gate of the park you automatically give your consent.
  • There is a designated area for smoking outside the park, so if you wish to smoke, you must do it there as smoking is prohibited inside the premises of the park.
  • Flash photography is not allowed as it can irritate the animals.
  • You are not allowed to enter the premises with your pet.

Getting Around Night Safari

There are many exciting ways by which you can get around the Singapore Night Safari and each way is equally fun. You can take the tram to explore the Night Safari, where you will be seated in a tram and you will be taken on a trail with wild animals on both sides in the open, resting at night after their day, while you glance at them from the tram in the dark. The tram starts at 7:15 pm and there is a tram at an interval of every one hour. You can explore the night safari by taking a stroll on the walking trail. The walking trail is not explored by many people, but it guarantees you fun and you will get to see many animals and learn a lot about them as you take a walk around them.

Tips of Night Safari Singapore

  • The tram rides start from 7:15 pm and there is a tram every one hour to take you on the safari. The early trams are always busy as people always prefer to take the trams first, so the early trams are crowded. It is advised to take later trams if you wish to avoid traffic. Go through with all the Tips & Rules before visiting Singapore Night Safari.
  • Most of the people always rush to take the trams first, so to avoid the crowd you can always take a stroll on the walking trail and watch the creatures of the night show, and after that, later at night take the tram night safari.
  • There are a lot of things to do at night safari, and if you do not wish to miss any activity, make sure to time your visit well.
  • You will be out in the open surrounded by wild flora and fauna, so you never know which insect will bite you. It is always advised to be prepared and wear bug repellent so as to drive away insects and bugs.
  • It might rain anytime during the night safari, so it is advised to be prepared for rain.
  • Singapore is a tropical climate, so it remains hot and humid, thus, it is a must to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated, while also wearing light clothes and comfortable shoes.

Know Before You Go Night Safari Singapore

Facilities and Service

The Singapore Night Safari is a unique concept in itself, and to add to the fun to this idea is the delicious dinner spread that you will be given to enjoy. There are several restaurants inside the park premises, like the New Zealand Natural, that serve ice creams of every flavor possible. You will find the Ulu Ulu Restaurant here which serves dishes influenced by the traditional and experienced recipes from the village, and you get to have dinner under the starlit sky.

ATM:There are two ATMs right next to the Mandai Mart should you withdraw money or need any other banking facilities.

Lost and Found:There is a lost and found centre where you can report any missing object of your or the objects which you accidentally find inside the park premises.

Nursing Rooms:Nursing rooms are located at various places for mothers to nurse their infant babies at the Entrance Plaza, the Giant Panda Forest, the Boating Plaza, and the Amazon Flooded Forest areas.

Diaper Change Facility:To make it convenient for the mummies, there are various diaper change facilities like the Entrance Plaza, the Giant Panda Forest, the Boating Plaza, and the Amazon Flooded Forest.

Mobility Access:If you need any kind of mobility access for your kids like strollers, or electric scooter, you can rent them. You will also get facilities of wheelchairs for free, should you need.

Locker Facilities:You will have access to your personal locker if you want to keep your belongings safely.

FAQ's of Night Safari Singapore

What is the best way to get Singapore night safari?

The location of Singapore Night Safari is very easy to find, so you can always drive down here or hire a taxi. You can also take MRTs buses to reach Singapore Night Safari.

What are the opening hours to get a Singapore Night safari?

The opening hours of night safari are from 6:30 pm to 12 am, although the last entry is at 11:15 pm.

What are the best things to do on Singapore Night Safari?

Tram rideThe tram ride is one of the best ways to explore the night safari in Singapore and it is the most enjoyed thing at Singapore Night Safari. You will be taken in a tram in the trails between the wild animals taking rest at night, while you look at them from the open tram.DiningAs unique as Night Safari Singapore is, what adds to the thrill of the experience is that you get to have dinner with wild animals close to you, under the sky full of stars and you will enjoy delicious meals.The creatures of the night showEnjoy the creatures showing their talents to impress you and keep you entertained. You will be amazed by their tricks and you will learn a lot about these animals.

Which are the zones to explore in Singapore night safari?

Himalayan FoothillsThe Himalayan Range is known for its rocky terrain, steep slopes, and arid vegetation, all of which are superbly shown in this artwork. Markhors, Himalayan Tahrs, Bharals, and Mouflons can be seen peacefully grazing or engaging in their nightly activities among the steep mountains and thundering mountain streams that greet you.Indian SubcontinentThe Himalayan Foothills are followed by the Asian Subcontinent. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such the Gir Lions, Sloth Bears, Striped Hyenas, and Barasingha Deer. The area is initially covered in thick foliage and lofty trees.Equatorial AfricaYou will eventually find yourself in Equatorial Africa after taking a slight detour away from the Asian Subcontinent. Open grasslands and medium-sized vegetation define the area where herbivores like Grant's Zebra, Oryzes, Cape Giraffes, and Stretched Cats await you. Numerous other animals, like as bongos and nile hippos, are also present.

What are the animals we can spot at night safari Singapore?

You can spot more than 900 animals and many zones in the Singapore Night Safari that belong to more than 100 species. Most of these animals are endangered and at Night Safari Singapore they find a proper home. Some of the animals are the Asiatic Elephant, the clouded leopard, the Malayan Tiger, the Malayan Lion, One-horned Rhino, etc.

Why is Singapore night safari so famous?

Singapore Night Safari is famous because it is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park in the world. There are over 100 species in this park, most of them declared endangered, and you will get to have a safari at night and see the wild animals resting.


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