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Singapore Night Safari Tickets Explained

The Singapore Night Safari tickets not only allow one a wait-free entry into the park’s premises, but grants them access to all of the experiences it has to offer. The tram ride is the Zoo’s most sought after experience. Besides the Night Safari tickets also grants one access to the walking trails in the zoo, as well as the diners and the gift shops on its premises. Some tickets also include passes to the Creatures of the Night Show that is held on each operating day.

Making one’s Night Safari Booking online would also allow one to complement their visit to the zoo with entry to other attractions at Mandai, including the River Wonders, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo. Certain tickets include not only the experiences at Night Safari itself, but several VIP and standard experiences at the other attractions as well.

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About Singapore Night Safari

Singapore's Night Safari is the world's first nighttime zoo, located in Mandai, Singapore. It, together with the River Wonders & Singapore Zoo, and Jurong Bird Park, make up the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. If you're travelling with your family, you really must plan your visit to the night safari off your bucket list.

The Night Safari is a full open-air zoo situated in a humid tropical jungle that is only open at night, unlike regular nocturnal habitats, which invert the day-night cycle of wildlife so they may be active during the day. It is separated into six geographical zones that may be visited on foot or by tram through four walking routes. The animals at Night Safari, which include the chital deer, the Gir lions, pangolins, Asiatic elephants and more, live in exhibits that resemble their natural habitats. Rather than being confined in cages, these animals are separated from people by natural barriers, comparable to the Singapore Zoo's open approach.

The exhibits themselves are illuminated by moonlight-like illumination. Although it is a few orders of magnitude brighter than full moonlight, it is faint enough not to affect the behavior of nocturnal and crepuscular animals. Although the tram tour is the best way to explore all of Night Safari’s zones, the zoo also offers several walking trails that take one through the many themed zones. The Zoo also allows visitors to get close to the animals through interactive shows and experiences such as the Creatures of the Night show, the Keeper Talks and Exotic Wildlife Tours

Singapore Night Safari Tickets Options

Night Safari Admission Tickets

This Night Safari ticket grants visitors full access to all of the spoils at the city’s first nocturnal wildlife park. One variation of the Singapore Night Safari ticket features a tram tour, where one can enjoy a 40 minute tram ride through the zoo which takes one across all 6 geographical zones here. Alternatively, one can also opt for a night safari ticket that merely covers the entry fee. Apart from the tram ride, tourists will also gain access to the many walking trails that the nocturnal zoo offers, along with the Creatures of the Night Show held on a daily basis.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Tickets

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari ticket combo adds two of the city’s best wildlife experiences to the same package. With the Singapore Zoo Night Safari tour, one gains access to all of the exhibits at the morning zoo, along with entry into the nocturnal zoo. Depending on the package variant one opts for, the Singapore Zoo night safari ticket would also include a tram ride through the zoo as well as the night safari. The Singapore Zoo Night Safari Admission ticket is not dated, but has to be cashed within 90 days of its purchase.

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Singapore Night Safari Tickets + River Wonders

This fantastic package combines two of Singapore’s best safari tours- the Singapore Night Safari and River Wonders. Asia’s first and only river themed wildlife park, River Wonders offers one the unique experience of exploring wildlife on a boat ride. Ticket holders gain access to a 40 minute tram ride tour across the nocturnal zoo. Along with this, the ticket also grants access to the River Wonders and the Amazon River Quest at the River Wonders. Although the combo ticket is not a dated one, it must be cashed within 90 days of the ticket’s purchase.

Night Safari Tickets with Jurong Bird Park

Home to more than 9,600 birds from across the world, Jurong Bird Park is one of the most popular wildlife attractions on the Mandai Reserve. Couple it with a visit to the Night Safari, and you have a full day of wildlife exploration in your hands! The Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari Package offers one entry to both attractions at a discounted price. The Jurong Bird Park Night Safari Package includes unlimited access to the Hop on Hop off train that runs through the Bird Park, along with a 40 minute tram ride that takes one across all six zones at the Night Safari Zoo. The Jurong Bird Park Night Safari tickets have to be cashed within 90 days of purchase.

Singapore Zoo + River Wonders + Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

One of the most encompassing Mandai experiences possible, this variation combines Singapore Zoo and River Wonders Tickets with a Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari Package. The ticket grants one unconditional access to all four attractions- the Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. It includes a full day entry to the Singapore Zoo, with re-entry allowed. Next, at River Wonders, one can enjoy both the River Wonders and the Amazon River Quest, along with a meeting with the two pandas. Having done the zoo and river wonders, one can head over to the Jurong Bird Park for a hop on hop off tour, then end the day with a tram ride and night performance at the nocturnal park.

Singapore Zoo + River Wonders + Night Safari Tickets

This package combines a visit to the Night Safari with Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. The zoo and river wonders tickets include access to a guided tram sightseeing across the zoo, along with the River Wonders and Amazon River Quest at River Wonders. Having done with the zoo and river wonders, one can then head over to the nocturnal Night Safari for a 40 minute tram tour.

Which Singapore Night Safari Tickets You Should Choose?

The Singapore Night Safari tickets come in various shades and variations. While some act as mere admission tickets that grant one seamless entry to the attractions, other tickets include multiple experiences, such as a tram ride or access to the night show, within its price. Besides, the combo packages offer a great way of exploring the Mandai Wildlife Reserve as a whole. These special tours add a wide variety of other wildlife experiences to one’s night safari tickets, such as the River Wonders, the Hop on Hop off tour at the Jurong Bird Park, or the guided tram sightseeing tour at Singapore Zoo.

- To Save Time: Booking one’s Night Safari tickets online is an excellent way to save time and optimize your trip in its entirety. An advanced booking would allow one direct entry into the attraction, without having to go through the hassle of waiting in queue and booking the tickets on spot.

- To Explore Further: Making one’s Night Safari booking online would also allow one to add secondary experiences to their tickets and explore the other fantastic attractions in the vicinity.

- Experience the best of Mandai: The Mandai Wildlife Reserve is known for its wildlife wonders. Adding a trip to attractions such as the Jurong Bird Park, the River Wonders of the Singapore Zoo to one’s Night Safari tickets promises the best of wildlife exploration in Singapore.

Experiences Included in Singapore Night Safari Tickets

While a tour of the Night Safari is never a bad idea, the nocturnal zoo offers a whole list of special experiences to addto one’s safari as well. Apart from the tram ride, visitors can also opt for a private buggy tour, which would include a feeding session, or explore the zoo through the many walking trails it offers. The Creatures of the Night Show is a special performance by the nocturnal animals, big and small, while the Keepers’ Talk allows visitors to interact with the animal trainers and learn more about their behaviors.

Witness Creatures of the Night Show

The Creatures of the Night Show is a special attraction included in Night Safari Tickets. The best of nocturnal wildlife comes together to showcase their talents here, guided by the expert trainers at the zoo. Performers include the African serval, the hyenas, otters, binturongs and more. The show takes place thrice a day between Thursdays and Sundays, as well as on Public Holidays and eves of Holidays. The timings of the show are at 07.30 PM, 08.30 PM and 09.30 PM. A fourth performance is held at 10.30 PM only on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves.

Explore Exotic Wildlife Tour

The tram ride at the Night Safari is an excellent way of touring across its exhibits. However, there are a bunch of other ways to explore the zoo as well. The Exotic Wildlife tour offers Night Safari ticket holders the chance to explore the zoo on a private guided buggy ride. Besides, tourists will also get a chance to come face to face with the elephants and rhinos in a private feeding session. Apart from the buggy tour, tourists can also make use of the several walking trails to add a little bit of adventure to the experience.

Keeper’s Talk

The Keeper’s Talk allows one the unique opportunity to learn more about the animals from those that know them best- the zoo keepers. The zoo conducts two keeper talk shows throughout the week. The Wallaby Talk show takes place at 09.00 PM on a daily basis. The Lion Show is a special experience offered twice at 08.00 PM and 09.00 PM, only on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays.

Zones at Singapore Night Safari

Observe the nocturnal activities of other inspiring creatures like red river hogs, babirusa or sulawesi, making it one of the most distinct animals and zones in Singapore Night Safari.

East Lodge Trail

The intriguing East Lodge trail connects to antipodal regions- the African Savannah and the Asian tropics. Here, animals from both regions survive side by side. Making one’s way through the East Lodge Trail, one spots the Malayan tigers on one side and the African servals on the other.

Some of the most exotic wildlife that can be spotted around the East Lodge Region include the spotted hyena, sloth bear, babirusa, aardvark and bongo.

Fishing Cat Trail

A skilled hunter, the fishing cat can be found by the banks, eyes intent on the water, waiting for its prey to surface. The fishing cat trail at Night Safari is home to a big population of these majestic cats.

The Trail is home to a number of odd and wonderful creatures, such as the whistling duck, the binturong, the slow loris and a variety of cormorants. Pangolins, which are one of the most hunted species in the world, can also be found here.

Leopard Trail

The Leopard Trail is home to the biggest and most beautiful predators of the zoo- both on land and air. The most prized asset of the trail are the Gir Lions, which, although once widespread, can now only be found in the Gir Forest region. The trail offers two walk-through exhibits that allows one to get close to two fantastic nocturnal birds- the flying foxes and flying squirrels.

The Leopard Trail is famous for its pack animals, including the lions, the eagle owls and the clouded leopards.

Wallaby Trail

This route takes you down under to see Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea's natural beauty and fauna. Meet marsupials like the sugar glider and brush-tailed possum at the rustic Discovery Station. Keep an eye out for the morepork owl, which gets its name from its sad "more-pork" cry. The Wallaby Trail is also home to Singapore’s first man-made cave, named after Australia’s Naracoorte Caves. Visitors can also go cave exploring and admire the many aboriginal paintings housed here.

Apart from the wallabies, some of the animals that one can find here are the sugar gliders, possums and barn owls.

Know Before You Book Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Opening Hours
Park Rules
Essential Info

1.) Opening Hours - Monday - Sunday: 06.30 PM- 12.00 AM.

2.) How to Reach:

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

By MRT: If you’re taking the North-South MRT, you could get off at any of the following stations and take the connecting bus to Mandai:Khatib NS14- Mandai Khatib Shuttle Choa Chu Kang, NS4- Bus 927Ang Mo Kio, NS16- Bus 138

By Nadia Khatib Shuttle: The Mandai Khatib Shuttle is a loop bus service working between Mandai Reserve and Khatib NS14 Station on all days. The timings for the shuttle service is as follows:From Khatib, first bus: 08.00 AMFrom Singapore Zoo, last bus: 11.00 PM

By Taxi or Self Drive: The Night Safari is a 30 minute drive away from the city. One can either use the Pan Island Expressway or the Central Expressway to reach the zoo.

- Follow all safety regulations: Do not stray into the prohibited areas, and stick to the areas designated for tourists. Besides, make sure to stay seated and keep your hands and feet inside during the tram ride.

- Respect All Animals: The animals are the most important residents of the zoo. Please do not touch them or feed them beyond the designated feeding sessions.

- No Smoking: Night Safari is a smoke free park. The only designated smoking area is right outside the park entrance.

- No Flash Photography: Please keep your camera flashes off during photography, as it may otherwise hurt or disturb the animals

- Recreational Transport: All recreational transport, including scooters, bikes, and rollerblades, are not to be taken inside the park.

Best Time to Visit - Although Singapore experiences rainfall throughout the year, the months between March to August are comparatively drier, and is regarded as the ideal time to visit the mostly-outdoor zoo.

Nursing Room: The Park has multiple nursing rooms for guests with children. Simply ask any of the uniformed staff for directions.

Mobility Access: Visitors can avail complimentary wheelchairs at the park entrance, if required. Guests with toddlers may also rent strollers at an hourly charge.

First Aid: The Night Safari offers first aid rooms at frequent intervals. Some of the rooms are equipped with AED machines as well.

Accessibility -Guests who require wheelchair services can easily avail one at the park’s entrance, totally free of cost The sightseeing tram ride is designed to accommodate guests with limited mobility, with special slots for wheelchairs

Tips for Singapore Night Safari

The park has loads of attractions for visitors to explore in the night safari tour with some of the best tips and rules you will get to know about what to carry and what not.

1.) Be Ready for Rain: Singapore is known for its notorious shower spells, so it would be handy to keep a raincoat or an umbrella with oneself. Alternatively, one could even purchase an umbrella at the gift stores here. If the rain gets too heavy, you could always seek shelter at any of the stores or the tram. If thunderstorms get severe, seek shelter in an indoor space immediately.

2.) Stay Hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated during one’s tour, especially when availing any of the walking trails. Make sure to carry a personal bottle along, or buy one at the Night Safari stores.

3.) Attire Check - Exploring the zoo may require a fair bit of walking, so make sure you put on your most comfortable pair of shoes. It would also be advisable to wear light colors and longer clothes to avoid attracting insects at night.

4.) Don’t forget to wear Insect Repellent: Although the zoo does take initiatives to reduce pests, insect bites are inevitable. It would be advisable to wear trousers and sleeved tops, as well as carry insect repellent when visiting.

Singapore Night Safari Tickets FAQ's

How can a unique dining experience at Singapore Night Safari be described?

The unique dining options we can have at Singapore night safari are:

Ulu Ulu Restaurant: Ulu Ulu recreates the atmosphere of a kampung, or traditional village, dining. This 300-seater restaurant is located in a charming corner of Night Safari and provides dining under burnished oak beams and rustic rattan fans. Alternatively, you may dine al fresco in the presence of animals. In any case, a supper at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant is likely to be a memorable one.

New Zealand Natural: Craving something sweet and cold? Head over to New Zealand Natural for its stunning array of basic and exogtic ice cream flavors.

Evening in the Wild: Evening in the Wild is a special dining experience organized by the Night Safari from time to time, and must be pre-booked. The dining experience includes al fresco dining in the zoo’s very own Tipi tent, amidst the roaming wildlife.

Can Singapore Night Safari Tickets be booked in Advance?

Making one’s Night Safari booking in advance is not only possible, but also highly recommended. Booking in advance would allow one to block their date for the zoo visit, thus making it easier to plan one’s stay in Singapore.

Can I bring the food into the Singapore Zoo Night Safari?

Bringing food into the zoo is strictly prohibited. However, the Zoo features a permanent restaurant of its own that can keep your hunger at bay.

Should I book Night Safari Singapore Tickets online?

Booking one’s Night Safari tickets online would be advisable. Making an online booking comes with the advantage of not having to wait in a queue, and instead grants one direct access to the attraction. Besides, booking online also gets one a good discount on the Night Safari Singapore Admission fee.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the Night Safari Singapore Tickets?

All Night Safari tickets on our website come with unique deals and discounts of their own. In fact, one can even avail combo tickets which combine other attractions in Mandai with the Night Safari, offering admission into multiple attractions at extremely low rates.

Where can I book cheap Singapore Night Safari Tickets ?

Making the Night Safari booking through us would guarantee the best price and discounts on the Night Safari Singapore Admission Fee. The safari tickets on our website not only reflect some of the best rates on the internet, but also offer an inclusive experience that adds tram rides, night shows and entry into other attractions to the package.

How long does it take to complete a visit in the park?

It would take about 4 hours to visit all of Night Safari in its entirety and catch the Creatures of the Night Show in a hassle free manner.


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